AtWorks House Rules

AtWorks is a community of intelligent, creative, pioneering, and open-minded people. Our members value collaboration, ideas, innovation, learning, experimentation, diversity, and opportunity. In order to foster this culture, we have codified a set of best practices we ask everyone to follow for everyone’s benefits.

These are our House Rules.

  • Respect the things around you- Treat the space, members, and guests with respect. If nothing else, it will make your life easier.
  • Clean Up - You are in a shared space. Clean up after yourself and your guests at your workstation, in the pantry, in the conference rooms, and in the common areas, and do ensure that all waste is deposited in dustbins provided around the premises
  • Do not disrupt others - Networking, idea sharing, socializing, cross pollinating, group problem solving, and partnering are all encouraged, but be aware that members and guests are from independent entities, not customers or employees, so temper your urge for hard selling and always respect every member’s right to get their own work done.
  • Internet - We provide reliable, high-speed Internet access with backups to ensure seamlessly connectivity with minimal disruption. The Internet access provided is to be used by AtWorks members for legitimate uses only. WE have a fair use policy to ensure that fair distribution of internet connectivity for all members in the space. Internet at the space is not to be used for torrent downloading, promoting illegal software piracy, accessing adult and illegal content, etc. Any such activity can result in disruptions and will result in a warning. Repeated warnings can lead to a termination of your membership. If you require specialized Internet usage or access, contact us.
  • Printing and Scanner - We encourage the community to go paperless, but there are times when it is necessary. Our pricing is reasonable, but do remember that unnecessary printing leads to wastage that can be avoided.
  • Add-on Services Equipment - We have a provide add-on services equipment, such as projectors and speaker phones. Members will be required to book these equipment, which will be provided on a first-come first-serve basis. Availability of equipment will be shared to members on request. Members will be liable for breakage and general non-function of any equipment that may occur after they have used it.
  • Lights & A/C - If you’re the last person to leave a room and/or a workspace, please turn off the lights and A/C. Every little bit helps us keep offering our services to our members.
  • Headphones - Use headphones when you do not want to be disturbed, or if you want to listen to music or take a call. Respect others in the space, and try not to disrupt their work.
  • Phone/VOIP/Chat calls - All our spaces try to ensure that there are sufficient facilities for Phone/VOIP/Voice Chats. If you’re going to take a short call, please keep your voice down or step out to a quiet corner to take the call. If you need to take a longer conversation, you should use one of the meeting rooms to take the call.
  • Meeting rooms - Can be reserved using the meeting room calendar, available online and also through AtWorks staff on premises. If no one has reserved the space, it is available on a first come, first serve basis. Meeting room management may vary from location to location, so please check with AtWorks staff to understand how the arrangements work.
  • Guests - You are responsible for your guests. What applies for you, applies for them. Guest are not allowed to occupy workspace seats or provided Wifi access if they have not signed up for a Daily Pass.If you’ve booked a meeting room, then your guests will be provided with Wifi access for 1 device for the duration of your booking at no extra charge. Your guests are welcome to use the coffee machine and other basic facilities we offer. Guests can sign up for a Daily Pass on the spot by contacting a AtWorks staff.
  • Pantry - Our pantry facilities are setup to try to and cater to all tastes. The food and beverages on offer are complimentary, but as it’s a shared resource with other members, we request you to do your part and keep the area clean after you have used it. Also, please make sure that any equipment in the pantry is turned off if you are the last person leave.
  • Eating, Food and Dishes - Food, except for beverages and small snacks, is not allowed at your desk. Please use the designated pantry and eating areas provided for you for this. We request you not to leave dishes on your desk or the office overnight.
  • Working Hours - Each AtWorks location has specific operating times which are published publicly. If you have a need to use the space beyond operating hours or during off-hours, you need to inform AtWorks staff in advance so that we can ensure the availability of the space, which may or may not be available. Additional charges may be imposed and will need to be paid in advance of any use. Access to space without prior authorization from AtWorks during off-hours is prohibited, and security staff and systems on site have instructions to not allow anyone during off-hours without authorization.
  • Cleaning - Occurs on every day basis in the morning. You are welcome to stay in the space while the cleaners are here, but please be willing to move your work space at some point to another area so that the entire space can be cleaned.
  • Self Regulation - Please help us ensure the safety, cleanliness, and happiness of the space. Don’t do anything that compromises the security of the space, like propping open a door, giving someone your fob or code, or letting someone in the space unless they are a member or an accompanied guest. Also, you are responsible for cleaning up any areas and dishes you or your guests use (on a daily, not weekly or monthly basis). If you have a problem with a member’s behavior, please approach them directly, but know that speaking to AtWorks staff is always an option.

These House Rules will be updated periodically. Remember to check in occassionally to stay up-to-date with them.

Last Updated: October 1st, 2020